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There are lots of different ways that you can be a part of Sole Ryeders and support our mission while having a great time!

Descriptions of the different opportunities are outlined below. We have a new fundraising tool this year that is very easy to use. All participants are able to customize their own web page to help share their story and seek donations. At the end of the year, participants will be able to choose which Partner Program(s) they want to support with the funds that they raise. More information about our current Partner Programs is available on our web site.

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 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in NYC: October 19-20, 2013
Sole Ryeders will enter a team into the 39 mile, 2 day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in New York City. For more information about the walk, please visit Sole Ryeders team events include training walks, a carb-loading team dinner, and activities for family members. Avon requires a registration fee of $65 and a $1,800 fundraising minimum to participate. The first $1,800 of every participant’s fundraising dollars will go to the Avon Foundation and the balance of the proceeds will go to the Sole Ryeders Partner Programs of the participant's choice.

 Other Fitness Events
Participants can sign up for non-Sole Ryeders affiliated events such as the Westchester Triathlon, 5K Color Run, the sprint triathlon etc. and use it as an opportunity to support Sole Ryeders

 Creative Fundraising Events, Sales, Activies
Participants can choose any event, sale or activity such as bake sale, garage sale, business-hosted events or sales, etc. and use it as an opportunity to support Sole Ryeders. Examples of past events that have benefitted Sole Ryeders include:

• Hudson Paul Salon donated a percentage of their proceeds on a specific day during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Sole Ryeders

• The Rye Football Association created t-shirts with the Garnet and breast cancer logos and sold them at the games with the proceeds going to Sole Ryeders

• Stella & Dot hosted trunk shows and donated the proceeds in jewelry to Sole Ryeders. Sole Ryeders then used the jewelry as auction and raffle items at various fundraising events.

• The White Plains Fire Department designed special Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts and sold them at a community fair with the proceeds directed to Sole Ryeders

• Several local children have had bake sales, book sales and garage sales and donated the proceeds to Sole Ryeders

This option allows for a lot of creativity…the sky is the limit with what you can do!

This is a good option for those who want to support the Sole Ryeders mission but are not interested in fundraising. If you let us know your background and interests, we’ll help find a meaningful way for you to become involved. Here’s a list of ideas:

Help out in any way with our events such as Coins for Cancer, Beach Party & Shopping Boutique, Cancer Climb, Bake Sale

Foster relationships with businesses or non-profits who might be interested in sponsoring Sole Ryeders

Help create a resource list for the Sole Ryeders web site
Help raise awareness about cancer prevention, research, treatment and support

Assist with our web site design and functionality

Write press releases for Sole Ryeders
Create a poster and/or photo book which can be used for recruitment and other marketing purposes

Photograph and/or take video footage at fundraisers and other team events
Create montages

Organize hands-on community service opportunities for youth volunteers

Initiate support groups that women in our community might be interested in

Please share any ideas or questions you have

If you let us know your professional background and/or your interests, we’re confident we can find a project for you! Feel free to email us at with your interests.